AUBIKA Rechargeable Grip Covers for Quest 2 _White

No more swapping out batteries with the Recharge Grip Covers from AUBIKA.
Our revolutionary textured grip covers are custom designed for the Quest 2 controllers, featuring built-in USB- C ports for quick and easy charging. The battery stays tucked inside the controller during charging sessions, while the grip cover provides texturized support for all your play sessions.

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  • A dedicated rechargeable battery fits inside the original controller battery socket.
  • A secure fit keeps controllers protected and strapped to your hand while you play.
  • Anti-slip textured material ensures your palms stay comfortable and sweat-free.
  • USB-C charging port allows for effortless charging and no more battery swap-outs.

Material: ABS, PC, TPU
Head Circumference: 20.9 in to 28.1 in
Weight: 302g
Quest2 Rechargeable Grip Covers 
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