Best Free App Lab Games For Quest 2

Best Free App Lab Games For Quest 2

Early 2021 Meta launched App Lab, this is an alternative platform to the official Quest store that has less strict publishing standards. App Lab enables developers to share games and experiences with Quest users that, for one reason or another, might not be eligible for the official store.

There are both free and paid experiences that can be downloaded from App Lab (find out how to download App Lab games here), and in this list, we will be taking a look at eleven of our favourite free App Lab games. Also make sure to check out our top ten paid App Lab games list here.    

Pavlov Shack (Beta) 

Genre: Multiplayer shooter

Pavlov Shack Beta

Pavlov is one of the most popular games you can get on App Lab right now and with good reason. If you’ve ever played the online shooter Counter-Strike, then you will have a good idea of what to expect with Pavlov. Players get to choose from a wide variety of weapons, each with their own realistic VR mechanics. There’s a bunch of 5 vs 5 competitive and social game modes that allow you to get together with friends to complete objectives or compete against them in a deathmatch. 

The sizable player base means that it’s usually not that difficult to find someone to play with online. It’s also worth investing in a VR pistol grip or gun stock Quest controller accessory to make shooters like Pavlov more immersive.

Gorilla Tag

Genre: Multiplayer action

Gorilla Tag


Don’t be fooled by the below average visuals, Gorilla Tag is one of the most fun online games you play for free on the Quest. The aim of the game is to tag other players and to avoid getting tagged yourself. One of the things that makes this game such a hit is the uniquely enjoyable locomotion system. It relies on frantically swinging the arms and hands to parkour around the map and chase, or avoid, the other players. 


Genre: Action adventure


TraVRsal is a fully roomscale game, meaning you don’t teleport anywhere or use the thumbsticks to move, but instead, get-around by using your actual legs. You will need a playspace of at least 1.5 by 1.5 meters to do this (the bigger the playspace, the better). How it works is that whenever you are about to step outside your playspace, the game will use corridors and walls to physically redirect you back inside your playspace so you can walk continuously in-game without ever leaving your play area. 


There’s quite a few game modes but one of my favourites is the Pyramid because it makes you feel a bit like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft exploring an Egyptian pyramid, solving puzzles and avoiding traps as you go.


Genre: Tower defense


Play as Queen bee and command swarms of workers to collect pollen to take back to the surrounding flowers. Unstung is a relaxing, albeit challenging, experience with strategic gameplay mechanics that keep things interesting. For example, the swarms of worker bees come in different colours, so you need to change your own colour to match them otherwise those insolent bees won’t follow you. 


To be successful, you’ll have to strike a good balance between collecting pollen and producing bees, whilst also contending with Lord Mothmer and his minions before they have a chance to eat your flowers. 

Stunt Track Builder

Genre: Puzzle/Racing sim

Stunt track builder

I include this game as ‘free’ because even though the full game does need to be purchased, the free version contains plenty of features to keep you entertained for hours. Stunt Track Builder brings me back to my boyhood playing with Hot Wheels toy cars, except now with this game, I am able to build the Hot Wheels track of my childhood dreams. 


Gameplay involves collecting all of the donuts on each stage by building intricate tracks that allow your miniature cars to reach them. It features a collection of different cars, track pieces and environments, including community created levels and a sandbox mode.

Cards & Tankards 

Genre: Strategy/Social card game

Cards & Tankards


Cards & Tankards is a collectible card game much like Magic The Gathering where players battle each other online using custom decks of spells and monsters. It’s a great social experience too, allowing you to chat to your opponent in the midst of battle or simply hangout with players in the virtual tavern. You will find there’s plenty of content to get stuck into, with over 160 cards to collect and 4 different warring factions to choose from. 

Battle Talent 

Genre: Fighting melee/Roguelite

Battle Talent


Slash, bludgeon, impale and decapitate enemies just for the fun of it, in this bloody physics-based fantasy combat game. Battle Talent features a range of different game modes including procedurally generated dungeons that are filled with loot, traps, monsters and boss encounters. Players can also choose to upgrade their character’s abilities and purchase weapons using the gold found during their adventures.

Bang Bang Slice

Genre: Arcade shooter

Bang Bang Slice

If you’re a fan of the game Super Hot then chances are you’ll also enjoy Bang Bang Slice. It’s essentially a shooter where each level has an objective, such as assassinating a VIP or stealing the loot. However, unlike other standard shooters, the only way to move through each stage is by killing enemies and taking their weapons. You can force grab an enemy's weapon from a distance and taking the weapon will transport you to the location it was dropped. 


Time also slows down when being shot at allowing you to pull off some matrix type moves to avoid getting hit. Bang Bang Slice offers up a nice level of challenge and keeps things fresh with over 30 varied combat scenarios and over 34 different weapons to choose from.

Blacktop Hoops

Genre: Sports

Blacktop Hoops

Blacktop Hoops successfully recreates the fun of street basketball, allowing players to face-off against dynamic AI opponents in a bid to become the greatest street baller of all time. Pull-off impressive dribbling moves, dunks and other tricks that fill your GOAT meter for the chance to unleash a special move. 


A Quest accessory like hand straps/grips that keep the controllers strapped to your hands without needing to grip them would be ideal for this type of game. This accessory could increase realism by letting you open your hands when throwing the ball like you would in a physical game of basketball.

Spark Ball Pool

Genre: Sports



If you’re looking for a pool sim to play single player or with friends, then look no further. Spark Ball Pool combines great physics with good controls and nice visuals to offer up an enjoyable and realistic pool experience. Play single player against the AI or go against human players by either inviting them from your friends list or through meeting randoms in the lobby and starting a quick match.

Gods Of Gravity

Genre: Strategy

Gods of Gravity

Set in the vast openness of space, Gods Of Gravity puts you in charge of ships that you command using your Godly powers in a bid to capture the solar system. Holding planets and moons will boost your ship production, whilst asteroids can be mined for resources, and you can claim victory only once your opponent’s home planets have all been captured. There’s online leaderboards, challenges, 2-8 player multiplayer and a single player campaign too.


What do you think of our list of free App Lab games? Are there any you would add? Let us know in the comment section below, and if you want more, you can also check out my playlist here featuring over 100 of the best App Lab games and our other article listing the top ten paid App Lab games here.


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