General questions

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Head strap w/o battery

The Aubika head strap is made of ABS+PC material allowing it to withstand years of wear and tear, being resistant to most stains and requiring little work to clean and maintain. The TPU pad is also very easy to clean, you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth.
1. Start by holding your Oculus Quest 2 2. Locate the hard plastic part where the side strap connects to the headset. (Be careful to not pull on the part with the speaker, there will be a clear indication of where the strap ends and the speaker part begins). 3. Grip the hard plastic part of the strap and pull it off. 4. Do the same for the other side, just be careful to not bend it too much. 5. Locate the front faceplate and remove it. 6. Take the velcro part of the strap, unstrap it and pull it through the loop. 7. Congratulations, you have successfully removed the stock strap.
If your product falls within the guaranteed warranty period then you can contact our customer support line with your order number. They will check your warranty and arrange for a replacement, if possible.

Battery strap

Unfortunately not, AUBIKA's head straps are designed for Quest 2 only.
The short stubby arms on the Quest 2 are designed entirely differently from Quest 1. The Quest 2 straps are a clip-on design, while the straps on Quest 1 is a velcro system.
AUBIKA head straps fit perfectly inside the official Oculus carrying case.
The battery charges for approximately 2.5 hours.
Roughly 4 hours for gaming, and 6 hours for watching movies.
Battery life depends on what you’ll be doing on your Oculus Quest 2. If you’re using it for movies and light gaming on lower refresh rates, you’ll get approximately 5 hours of use.