Best Quest 2 Battery Packs

Best Quest 2 Battery Packs

Meta Quest 2 is a stand-alone headset with the wireless freedom to experience the best VR has to offer practically anywhere you go. As good as this is, it also means playtime is limited to about 2-3 hours before the headset needs to be recharged. Fortunately, there are a few things we can do to extend the battery life.

Following these battery-saving tips and using accessories like the AUBIKA Excellence Head Strap With Battery help to increase the time between charges. External battery packs and power banks are also a convenient way to extend playtime. In this article, we cover some of the best battery packs for the Quest and Quest 2 headsets.  

AUBIKA Rechargeable Battery Pack For Quest 2

Price: $24.99

AUBIKA power pack

The AUBIKA rechargeable battery pack brings together style and substance with a sleek, lightweight (302g) design that slides securely onto the arm of the headset. This keeps the battery out of the way and eliminates the need for lengthy cables as the charging port is located just a few centimeters from the pack.  

The battery pack shell is a shade whiter in color than the Quest 2 but still blends in well with the headset. Although small, it packs a punch with a 4000mAh battery that can provide up to an additional 4 hours of playtime. 

This powerpack is very affordable and offers a lot of versatility too, as it fits with a range of different head straps and can be made to work with other headsets. Just be aware that some straps with hinges or built-in speakers can cause an obstruction and prevent the power bank from sliding fully onto the head strap arm. 

VR Power 2 For Quest 2

Price: $79.99

VR Power 2

This monster pack is a little pricey but boasts a 10,000mAh battery which is capable of extending playtime by a whopping 10 hours. It also looks the part, with a modern rounded design and futuristic-looking charge indicator on the face. 

Another feature of this battery is its ability to act as a counterweight because of its position at the back of the head strap. The Quest 2 is a front-heavy device so having a weighty battery at the back helps to relieve some pressure from the face.

A disadvantage to this is needing to feed the charging cable from the back to the port on the front. Fortunately, it does come with some cable tidy clips to keep any slack out of the way. Mounting this battery can also be difficult if using a head strap other than the Quest 2 stock or elite straps. For example, the battery can be made to fit the KIWI Design Comfort Head Strap but it rests more toward the top of the head than the back and was clearly not designed for it. 

Mount Your Own

Price: Varies

If you want more control over the specifications of the battery pack, there’s always the option of mounting your own power bank. Any regular power bank can be used as an external Quest 2 battery pack as long as it has the right power output (5V and at least 2.4A).

Mounting the battery will require an accessory like the KIWI Design 3 in 1 battery strap or if you’re feeling creative, you can try to make your own mount. Whilst this solution gives you the most choice, it’s also the trickiest option.

The other battery packs featured on this list are purpose-built for VR headsets and are designed to be installed hassle-free. However, when using a generic power bank, you will need to make sure it is appropriate for the Quest 2 and compatible with whatever accessory is being used to mount it. 

Then once you do get it securely attached to the headset, it’s not likely to look anywhere near as well mounted on the Quest 2 as the other battery packs featured on this list. If you’re after the simplest and most aesthetically pleasing option, it’s best to avoid mounting your own.


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