Best VR Party Games To Play Locally With A Single Headset

Virtual reality doesn’t have to be an isolating experience - there are quite a few VR multiplayer games available but if family and friends don’t own a headset it often makes it difficult for them to get involved. Thankfully, there are some great multiplayer party games that can be played locally and only require a single headset to play. We cover five awesome VR party games that are perfect for those couch gaming sessions.   

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

VR Platforms: Meta Quest, PCVR, PSVR

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a couch-based party game that really puts your communication skills to the test. The headset wearer attempts to defuse a bomb whilst being fed instructions on how to do it by players reading from a manual. The manual has a step-by-step sequence of directions showing what buttons to push or wires to cut, and in what order, to safely disarm the bomb. 

It sounds simple enough but clear communication and accurate descriptions are key as the instruction givers are unable to see the bomb whilst the headset wearer cannot see the manual. As the final few seconds start ticking away on the bomb you’ll often find yourself desperately screaming descriptions and directions at each other to try to stop it from going kaboom. 

Whatsmore, there is no set limit on the number of instruction givers you have (although having too many could get confusing) and the manual can be read from a screen or printed out, making it accessible to play by almost anyone.   

Rec Room

VR Platforms: Meta Quest, PCVR, PSVR

Rec Room is a multiplayer VR game with a massive online community that’s bursting with different game modes and features. Paintball, frisbee golf, laser tag, dodgeball, and user-created rooms are just some of the things on offer. Rec Room is an incredibly fun social experience for all ages that has a bit of something for everyone. 

It can be played across a wide range of flatscreen platforms in addition to VR; including PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and 5, iOS, and Android devices. The wide selection of cross-play options means family and friends should be able to get in on the action one way or another and, best of all, it’s completely free to download and play.  

Acron: Attack of the squirrels!

VR Platforms: Meta Quest, PCVR

Only a single VR headset is needed in this family-friendly multiplayer arcade experience. The VR user plays as a living tree intent on protecting their stash of golden acorns at all costs whilst the remaining players take on the role of squirrels who work  together to steal them. 

The headset wearer uses the motion controllers to move the arms of the tree - throwing projectiles and swatting at the squirrels in a bid to stop them. Up to eight people can play as the rebellious squirrels which are controlled using Android and iOS devices. 

Takelings House Party

VR Platforms: PCVR

Hide-and-seek gets a unique twist in this whimsical VR party game. The headset user plays a man named Hal who’s pitted against pint-sized creatures that have invaded his home. Hal must exterminate the miniature pests called Takelings by any means necessary - toasters, nail guns, and hot plates are just some of the extermination tools at his disposal. 

Up to 8 couch-bound players use an Android or iOS device to play as the Takelings and face off against Hal. As a Takeling, players must scurry around the house and hide from the gargantuan human frantically searching to destroy them.     

Puppet Fever

Platforms: Meta Quest, PCVR

Puppet Fever is like a mix between Pictionary and charades - where a VR player has a secret word they act out using a wide range of 2D props and scenes. Family and friends watch the puppet show and try to guess the word via a companion app that can be downloaded for Android, iOS, and PC devices. 

There are hundreds of props to choose from which makes it easy to get creative and put on an entertaining show. It’s a simple but timeless game that starts civil enough but usually devolves into a cacophony of shouting and hysterical laughter - making it a party favorite.       



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