First Look At Meta Quest 3: Everything We Know

First Look At Meta Quest 3: Everything We Know

The Meta Quest 2 is currently the worlds best selling VR headset so naturally when renders for the upcoming Meta Quest 3 recently emerged it sparked quite a bit of interest. The renders show what the Quest 3 is probably going to look like when it is unveiled sometime this year - likely at this year's Meta Connect Conference 2023. 

We have to take these renders with a pinch of salt as they do not come from official Meta sources but are a collaboration between industrial designer Marcus Kane and VR YouTuber sadly it's Bradley. 

However, despite the unofficial source, it is likely that the Quest 3 will look similar to the renders shown as the pair had previously shared a render for the Quest Pro before it was unveiled to the public that turned out to be similar to the final product. 


Image: Marcus Kane / Hyperware

One of the most obvious differences we can see between the Quest 3 render and the Quest 2 is the presence of three cameras lined in a row along the front face. The left and right cameras are thought to have both black and white tracking cameras alongside RGB cameras for color-mixed reality - something which the Quest 2 cannot do. 

We can speculate that Meta is going to make mixed reality more of a prominent feature with their new headset given the ability for color passthrough and the addition of the middle camera which is likely to be a depth sensor. This sensor would actively sense depth in the external environment to enable better spatial tracking. 

We see another two ‘canyon’ tracking cameras on the bottom left and right corners of the headset which would also help to track movement that was not captured by the front-facing cameras.


From the images, the Quest 3 will use pancake lenses much like its higher-end counterpart, the Quest Pro. Pancake lenses allow for the lens to be placed closer to the screen when compared to Fresnel lenses (which the Quest 2 uses), hence the slimmer profile of the Quest 3. 

Pancake lenses are more costly than Fresnel lenses, but also experience less light reflection and God rays when compared to Fresnel lens technology. The slimmer design could also make the Quest 3 significantly lighter than its predecessor.

Quest 3 Lens
Image: Marcus Kane / Hyperware

Head Strap 

It seems the Quest 3 will have a similar elasticated fabric head strap to the one that came with the Quest 2 which will be a disappointment to many given its reputation for being uncomfortable. Fortunately, it’s also highly likely that the head strap will be interchangeable just like the Quest 2, allowing users to choose from a variety of more comfortable alternatives.

Interestingly, the USB C port used for charging and establishing a computer connection is located on the left head strap arm, unlike the Quest 2. This change along with others will probably prevent Quest 2 head straps from being used with this latest headset - which makes sense financially as allowing Quest users to reuse Quest 2 accessories would eat into Meta’s revenue.

Image: Marcus Kane / Hyperware


Onboard the Quest 3 is thought to be the second generation Snapdragon XR2 chip which would make it around 2.5 times more powerful than the Quest 2. Looking along the bottom of the rendered Quest 3 images there also appear to be three metal contact points which are likely to be for a charging dock. 

Whilst we don’t have any specifications of the battery just yet, from the renders it will be housed within the headset itself. This will make the Quest 3 a front-heavy device just like its predecessor which could exert uncomfortable pressure on the face and make investing in a comfortable head strap even more necessary. 

Another way in which the Quest 3 is similar to its predecessor is the onboard audio solution that we can surmise from the speaker grills peaking out from the inside of the head strap arms. Volume can be adjusted using the rocker switch on the bottom and if you want to use headphones there will be the choice of using the audio jack located on the right head strap arm or pairing a set of Bluetooth headphones.

Image: Marcus Kane / Hyperware

That’s about all we have for now but we can expect to see more leaks as we get closer to the Quest 3 launch which will likely be at this year's Meta Connect Conference (date: TBA). What do you think of the Meta Quest 3, is it everything you hoped for? Let us know in the comments below! 



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