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The Quest 2 has built-in audio that channels the sound to your ears but to take full advantage of the Quest’s 3D spatial audio and get the best acoustic experience, you’ll want to invest in a good pair of earphones. Here’s our list of the best earphones currently available for the Quest 2 that will help take your experience of immersion to the next level. 

Best all-in-one solution - Frankenquest Deluxe Audio Strap (DAS)

 Frankenquest Deluxe Audio Strap

Price: $200+

This head strap is actually designed for the HTC Vive but can also be used with the Quest 2 with the aid of a 3D-printed adaptor, hence the name ‘Frankenquest’. It makes this list because the head strap comes with its own set of earphones that rest comfortably on the ears. The earphones offer a quality audio experience and use a short, coiled audio cable so you can plug them into the Quest 2 without having excess cable dangling from the headset. 

The head strap itself is made from a durable, rubbery plastic material with padding lining the inside. It also has a weighty back-end that helps to offset the front-heaviness of the Quest 2 for a more comfortable experience. 

If you are looking for an all-in-one quality head strap with earphones, the Frankenquest DAS is a great choice. Just be aware that it is also a fairly pricey option and the head strap adds extra bulk to your device which means it will only fit inside some of the larger Quest 2 travel cases.   

Best off-ear solution - Logitech Chorus

Logitech Chorus

Price: $99.99

If you’re after an off-ear audio solution that attaches to your existing head strap, we recommend the Logitech Chorus. The earphones are suspended a little way off from each ear and have a quality metal construction which matches the colour of Quest 2 perfectly. Interestingly, the earphones connect via the USB-C port instead of the audio jack and deliver a full-range sound with punchy bass. 

The earphones attach to the head strap by sliding onto the strap’s arms but be warned, not all head straps are compatible with the Chorus’ design. Some of the Chorus compatible head straps include the stock Quest 2 strap, the Official Elite Strap, and the AUBIKA Excellence Straps. Other popular headstraps like the BOBOVR M2 head strap are not compatible with the Chorus. 

Another drawback of these earphones is that a link cable cannot be used at the same time, so if you are using them and want to connect your headset to a computer, you will need to do it wirelessly. Although, a USB-C port located on the earphones themselves does make it possible to charge the headset whilst the earphones are plugged in. One final thing to consider is that the  Chorus’ off-ear design lets you hear your surroundings and also allows people around you hear the sounds from the Quest 2, which might not be ideal.     

Best over-ear solution - Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset

Price: $99.99

These headphones were designed with the Quest 2 in-mind, and feature comfortable over-the-ear leatherette ear pads with a premium steel/aluminum build. As they are designed for the Quest 2, the audio cord is short to prevent it dangling from the headset. 

What makes these headphones so versatile is that they give you the option of swapping-out the shorter audio cable for a longer one (included in the box) for if you ever wanted to use them with another device, like a PC or laptop. A detachable mic (also included in the box) makes these headphones great for PC and console gaming too.

The PRO-G 50-mm drivers featured in each headphone deliver a clear sound with a good bass response that make these one of the best sounding and comfortable headphones for your Quest. However, whilst the large over-the-ear pads do help to cancel out noise from the surrounding environment, they do not feature active noise cancellation. It is also worth keeping in mind that the enclosed over-ear design can make things get a little warm around the ears, especially when exercising.

Best in-ear solution - Logitech G333 VR gaming earphones

Price: $49.99

If you prefer an in-ear audio solution then you can’t go far wrong with the Logitech G333 VR gaming earphones. Like with the Logitech G Pro headphones, these are specifically designed for the Quest 2. They feature a short audio cord with velcro straps that secure the cord to the headset and prevent it from hanging loose.

The earphones are capable of a wide frequency response range (20Hz-20KHz) and provide a low-latency audio experience with a full range sound, capable of delivering those low bass notes, the upper trebles, and everything in-between.


Best wireless solution - Soundcore VR P10

Soundcore by Anker Wireless VR Earbuds

Price: $99.99

These in-ear earphones connect to the Meta Quest 2 using a 2.4GHz high-speed connection for complete wireless freedom. The earphones connect wirelessly via a dongle that plugs into the Quest’s USB-C port for a low-latency connection of under 30ms. The dongle also includes passthrough charging, meaning that you don’t have to remove it from the USB-C port when you go to charge your Quest. 

Another handy feature is the earphone's ability to connect your phone whilst also being connected to the headset dongle, allowing you to easily answer calls mid-game. The 11mm earphone drivers deliver a rich, bassy sound and a full 6-hour charge provides around 24 hours of playtime.


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