The Most Battery-Intensive VR Games For Quest 2

The Most Battery-Intensive VR Games For Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2 is packed with a bunch of awesome features that have made it the best-selling VR headset to date. However, as good as Quest 2 is, it’s not without its limitations. Being a stand-alone device, battery life can be a problem, with the Quest’s inbuilt battery typically lasting about 2-3 hours on a full charge.

How long your Quest 2 lasts depends on what game you're playing, with some games draining the battery faster than others. In this article, we take a look at the reasons why some games for the Quest 2 tend to drain the battery faster than others, using some highly-rated titles as examples. We’ll then explore accessories you can get to make your Quest 2 last longer. 

Graphically Intensive Games

The better the in-game visuals the more power is required from the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). As you probably guessed by the name, the GPU is a specialized processor that’s responsible for rendering the visuals you see on-screen. 

One series of games that are particularly graphically intensive is the story-driven VR puzzle adventure games, Red Matter and Red Matter 2. The stunning environments set on one of Saturn’s moons represent some of the best visuals on the Quest 2, with the graphical requirements relying heavily on the Quest’s GPU which drains the battery faster.

Processor Intensive Games

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is another type of processor inside your Quest that’s responsible for carrying out the instructions of computer programs. Just like the GPU, games that rely heavily on the CPU can cause quicker battery drain.

Bonelab for example is a game that’s particularly CPU-heavy. In the physics-driven world of Bonelab, you can parkour across rooftops, take out enemies with slow-motion mid-air shots, or just by using a frying pan. It's really up to you. But these exemplary in-game physics that provide almost endless possibilities come at the cost of more intense CPU usage and faster battery drain. 

High Refresh Rate

A screen’s refresh rate is measured in Hz and refers to the number of times the display is able to draw a new image. So, for example, a screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz draws a new image 60 times per second. Depending on the game, the Quest 2 is capable of 72Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz refresh rates, with higher refresh rates discharging the battery faster.

Until You Fall is one example of a fantastic Quest 2 game that is capable of running at 120Hz. Until You Fall is an arcade action game with some roguelike and rhythm elements that delivers some of the best fast-paced, melee action on the Quest. The 120Hz option makes the on-screen movements appear smoother than titles with lower refresh rates, but this comes at the cost of battery life.


Beyond the technical aspects of a game that can have an impact on battery life, sometimes the core gameplay of a title might require you to be in your headset longer than the Quest 2 battery allows. 

Take the award-winning RPG fantasy tabletop game Demeo, for example. Players can choose from one of six character classes and come together to battle through randomly-generated dungeons in four separate campaigns. Campaigns can last up to 3 hours, and with the Quest 2 battery life ranging from 2-3 hours, this could mean being forced to leave that epic adventure you were having early. 

Controller Battery Life

Finally, let’s not forget that the Quest 2 controllers are also battery operated and take a single AA battery each. Just like the headset, controller battery life can vary depending on the games you play. 

Let’s consider the highly-rated rhythm shooter, Pistol Whip. The gameplay involves shooting bad guys, dodging incoming fire, and other obstacles, all to the tune of some amazing soundtracks. The combination of mashing the fire trigger and the controller haptics that pulse to the rhythm of the beat makes Pistol Whip particularly intensive on your controller's battery life.

Accessories to make your Quest 2 Last Longer

Battery Strap

AUBIKA battery strap

An accessory like the AUBIKA Excellence Head Strap With Battery provides around 4.5-6 hours of extra playtime by using a 5000mAh battery encased in the back of a premium head strap. In addition, its weight helps to counterbalance the front-heaviness of the Quest. So it not only extends your playtime and looks sleek, but also provides a more comfortable experience.

Power Pack

AUBIKA power pack

If you head strap already and are not looking to upgrade, then an external battery pack can also provide a few extra hours of play time before needing to recharge. A regular power bank is fine to use, as long as it has the right power output (5V and at least 2.4A).

The only problem using with a generic power bank is that you may need to purchase additional accessories or modify it in some way if you want to attach it to the headset. For a more convenient option, there are power banks available that are specifically designed for the Quest 2, like the Rechargeable Battery Pack For Quest 2 by AUBIKA. This battery pack slides neatly onto the strap arms and has a capacity of 4000mAh which provides an extra 2-4 hours of playtime.  

Rechargeable Grip Covers

AUBIKA rechargeable grips

This next solution is not designed to extend battery life like the previous accessories, but instead offers a way to conveniently recharge your controllers without needing to replace the batteries each time. The AUBIKA Rechargeable Grip Covers with Battery have a 1000mAh capacity which can last about 28 hours on a full 6-hour charge.

These grips not only offer a convenient built-in battery solution but cover the controllers in a protective, non-slip material which is perfect for those sweaty gameplay sessions. They also feature padded knuckle straps to keep the controllers secure to your hands, even when your grip is fully released.    

Whether you’re planning on a VR gaming marathon or getting stuck into some battery-intensive games, these battery solutions should have you covered. For more battery-saving tips, including how to take care of your Quest 2 battery, check out our article on Improving The Meta Quest 2 Battery Life here.


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