AUBIKA is a company focused on providing quality, thoughtfully designed accessories for all VR lovers. 

Our company has the social responsibility to build a more friendly and helpful world for people living with disability and to share in the creation of a VR community that strives for equality. 

The “VR For All” campaign, currently in the planning stages, is where we will put this responsibility into action. Among other initiatives, VR For All will supply our innovative VR accessories to relevant organizations at no cost.

VR has the power to change the lives of people living with disabilities by expanding their opportunities and enhancing their performance of specific tasks, both in their private lives and in the workplace. VR will thus serve to narrow and in some cases eliminate the gap between people with disabilities and those who don’t face these challenges.

Additionally, we will organize a multitude of offline campaigns in the future where we will dive deeper into these communities and help others benefit from the huge potential VR has to offer. 

Throughout this journey, AUBIKA will share our experiences, relative campaigns, important news, and developments as we tackle the stereotypes and stigmas related to disabled communities.

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